Who We are

We are Evan Conklin Plumbing & Heating Inc. - a local family owned mechanical service company located in Ballard, previously of Interbay, previously of Fremont, previously of Queen Anne Hill. We have been here in the neighborhood since 1985. Evan has been a licensed plumber, boilerman and HVAC electrician since 1976.

We specialize in residential and light commercial service and repair work on hot water heating equipment. We are hot water experts that are skilled at diagnostics, plumbing, boiler, HVAC and electrical issues. We are the right guys to call if you need hot water tankless service, consultation, repair or installation.

All technicians are paid by the hour. We charge by the quarter hour typically but will give you a bid or estimate if you request it (if possible).

WA Contractor Reg# EVANCPH006DC