Noritz Water Heaters

Noritz water heaters include some of the the best condensing, conventional and Energy Star tankless model options for the efficient potable water heating and combined with space heating, in the residential home and light commercial applications.

Noritz manufactures a variety of gas operated on-demand water heaters that are environment-friendly, utilizing advanced and green technology and resulting in energy and space conservation.
Noritz on demand water heaters produce hot water with the ultra-high thermal efficiency making them Energy Star rated
Models are combustion-sealed and can be an advantage over atmospheric units in some situations, as they are not using the internal air for combustion. For the indoor models, Noritz provides all the necessary vents and accessories.

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Another great benefit of Noritz water heaters is the longevity (as long as it is maintained as recommended); so less waste goes into the landfills than tank type, units are also smaller, more durable and with the high percentage of recyclable materials. Since every heater's part is replaceable there is no need to replace the whole unit when there is a malfunction; replacing the damaged part is enough.

Green technology

The advanced condensing Noritz water heater units are using superior and greener technology while taking the advantage of the available latent heat and with a condensing heat exchanger they are providing thermal efficiency of over 90%.

Safe operation

Like other water heating tankless manufacturers, Noritz tankless models are providing an endless and almost instant hot water, especially with the NRCP models that have a built-in recirculation. The Noritz water heater is designed to be safe, and protect the user from scalding water - thanks to the electronic system and many built-in sensors.

Plenty of hot water

Noritz water heaters are designed with the capacity and power output enough for one to five bathroom houses depending upon the model, NRCP1112, for example, has a higher than many ,water flow rate of 11.1 GPM. If you need even more power and hot water, there is an option to link up to 24 units using the linking system.

Size variety

Noritz water heaters are designed for the whole house application and the smallest model produces 5.3 GPM which is enough for homes with one to two bathrooms, where 11.1 GPM hot water capacity is the largest on-demand unit; ideal for up to 4-5 fixtures.
Every Noritz water heater is using minimal electricity; mainly to light the gas burner with the electric direct ignition, to power the vent and PC board which controls the system.

Simple troubleshooting

With the PC board and smart technology, error codes are used to detect what is wrong with the unit.
The common problem with any water heater is sediment buildup inside the copper piping and heat exchanger. Noritz recommends three solutions:
⦁        Flushing the tankless unit periodically
⦁        Installing a water softener (if needed)


The Noritz tankless model has a TurboFlow that allows the unit to meet any hot water demand, especially in the winter when the incoming water is cooler and when the heater automatically boosts its output to provide more flow capacity.

Dual flame burner

Some Noritz gas appliances are the only products of all manufacturers that are using Dual Flame Burner. This dual principle element utilizes the latest combustion technology that is electronically controlled and therefore provides hot water with very low-temperature fluctuation, maximizing the heat output and maintaining high efficiency.
Dual flame burner technology uses two rows of burners, where the second one burns the unlit gases escaped from the first row burners, so the result is an increased output efficiency, stabilized (reduced fluctuations) hot water temperature and increased performance; (not available on some models).

Heat exchanger

Above the gas burner, water is heated in a commercial grade heat exchanger that is built from commercial grade copper piping, making it more resistant to thermal stress. Condensing models have an additional secondary heat exchanger made of corrosion resistant stainless steel material.
PC board
With resin-coated PC board and on-board memory chip that stores the error code history, maintenance and troubleshooting is more effcient.

Condensing technology

Noritz condensing water heaters are performing so well because of the advanced design. Condensing units feature a dual heat exchanger that combines stainless steel and copper heat exchanger.
The stainless steel component is designed to use the residual heat from the exhaust gases to preheat the incoming water before it runs through the main, primary copper heat exchanger. The result is a significant reduction of carbon dioxide and the increase of the heater's efficiency to over 90%.


Noritz heaters are designed as the indoor models utilizing single-concentric and dual venting or outdoor which are ventless.


Nortiz water heaters for residential homes are coming from the High-Efficiency series - NRCP and NRC, series of ultra-high efficient models that bring great benefits to the homeowners - big savings and ultra low carbon footprint compared to tank type water heaters.

One popular model to buy is the Noritz NRCP112, direct vent and tankless gas water heater, that is, thanks to the high water flow delivery of 11.1 GPM, built for large homes with up to 4.5 baths. It is available in both natural and propane gas option and is able to deliver up to 199,900 BTU with the ultra high energy factor of 0.92.

What makes it different and unique at the same time is the condensing technology, that uses the heavy duty stainless steel heat exchanger, and internal circulation pump allowing internal and external recirculation so the users are getting hot water delivery faster, saving time, water and energy.

Similar model as the above NRCP112 is NRC111, with the same capacity and power, but with no internal circulation pump and recirculation modes and built-in remote control, making it much lighter and cheaper. While the NRCP112 is available only as the indoor DV model, Noritz NRC111 comes with both indoor and outdoor models.

Non-Condensing models

Top affordable tankless water heaters to buy are coming from the conventional, non-condensing group, such as the Noritz NR series, a series with only one heat exchanger. These require high temperure flue piping.

NR98 is the largest unit in this Mid Efficiency group and is able to produce up to 9.8 GPM of hot water, which is sufficient for homes with up to 3.5 baths. Even more hot water can be delivered if two units are connected using the Quick Connect Multi System.

As opposed to the condensing models and its higher efficiency, NR98 can provide only 0.83 energy factor and maximum temperature of 140 F, which does not qualify them as the Energy Star products, but may suit your needs.
Noritz NR98 comes with the three venting options; direct vent concentric - DVC, single vent - SV and outdoor - ventless. As opposed to the condensing models, cheaper PVC venting cannot be used on the indoor model NR98-DVC, as the exhaust temperature is higher.
Model selection

⦁        NRCP1112, NRCP982 - condensing tankless water heaters with the built-in pump and recirculation
⦁        NRC111, NRC98, NRC711, NRC661 - condensing models
⦁        NR98, NR83, NR501 - non-condensing models
⦁        CB199, CB180 - combi boilers with condensing technology that deliver hot water to plumbing and hydronic heating applications
⦁        EZ111, EZ98, and EZTR40 - allows direct tank replacement and easy installation with the top mount water connections and flexible vent that utilizes existing B-vent.

About Noritz

Noritz is one of the most popular and biggest Japanese manufacturers of water heaters that is producing appliances for heating from 1951, for both residential and commercial use.
With a capacity of 1.3 million water heaters per annum, Noritz is popularin the world for the production of on-demand gas appliances. The company claims to have the largest manufacturing plant of tankless water heaters in the world.
Noritz America Corporation was established in 2001, and it offers a variety of tankless water heaters for residential and commercial applications.
Noritz America headquarters is located in California with several branches throughout America; Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and New York and many certified dealers and trained installers.
Contact: Noritz website: